Audio tour of the exhibition and part of the museum grounds

An audio guide is available at the museum ticket office to guide you through the exhibition and the grounds.
In the form of a scenic tour, you will be accompanied by a biologist and a 19th century moorland warden.
Through a fascinating, highly informative dialogue between the protagonists, you will discover what peat moorland is and learn about the people who settled there or how the land was used economically, and what it meant to work and live there in the 18th and early 19th century.
Although considered as wasteland and an area to be cultivated in the past, today we try to protect and preserve the few remaining peatlands. This topic will also be discussed during the tour, which takes approximately one hour.

Where: Museum ticket office
What: Iguide audio tour
How: Free, but deposit required.

In the future: Upload to your smart phone via


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