Heathland beekeeping at Emsland Moormuseum – bee trail

Emsland Moormuseum offers information in the museum grounds about heathland beekeeping in the past and current apiculture in the Emsland region. The museum has kept honey bees in the museum grounds for several years now. The bee trail starts in the exhibition hall before leading through the settler’s farm (insect hotel) and the orchard (beehives) and then to the buckwheat field on the peat uplands (info platform), where there is a small exhibition with a bee colony and displays providing information about heathland beekeeping in the past and present. A flyer with a map and information on this tour are available at the museum ticket office.

Where: Museum ticket office
What: Flyer on honey bees / heathland beekeeping
How: Free


Emsland Moormuseum e.V.
Geestmoor 6
49744 Geeste / Groß Hesepe

Telefon & FAX

Fon: +49 (0) 59 37 – 70 99 90
Fax: +49 (0) 59 37 – 70 99 935

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