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2500m2 in exhibition space
Emsland Moormuseum
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60 sheep, 22 pigs, 18 chickens, 10 geese
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1 Loc, 5 carriages, 45 seats, 3 stations, 2.8km field railway
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Resting areas, Info points, theme-based routes
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Museum café

Organic regional products, the famous buckwheat pancakes, buckwheat cakes, the Biergarten and the children’s playground 


Europe’s largest museum devoted to peat moorland, anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage, nature park centre in the international Naturpark Moor nature park, extracurricular learning site for education for sustainable development, and research location. 

Place of learning

If you would like to get to know Emsland Moormuseum with the help of qualified museum educators, we have a range of programmes which vary in intensity and duration. We have tour guide systems, are largely accessible to the disabled, and the outdoor grounds can be explored by field train. 


Emsland Moormuseum e.V.
Geestmoor 6
49744 Geeste / Groß Hesepe

Telephone No. and Fax

Fon: +49 (0) 59 37 – 70 99 90
Fax: +49 (0) 59 37 – 70 99 935


We are proud of our awards, which are put to the benefit of your visit.


Außerschulischer Lernort
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